• Wire Harness Processing Equipment - PAM-20E
  • Wire Harness Processing Equipment - PAM-20E
  • Wire Harness Processing Equipment - PAM-20E

Wire Harness Processing Equipment - Fully Automatic Crimping Machine

Wire Harness Processing Equipment


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Fully Automatic Crimping with Splice & Crimping Process

Servo Motor from Panasonic

Controller & Senser from Omron

Have Two Partentd Design for Crimping Machine


Product parameters

Performance Specification

Name Fully Automatic Crimping Machine
Model PAM-20E
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Motor of Crimping Machine 750W
Production Capacity 3500pcs/hr(With in 300mm)
Press Capacity 2.0Ton
Pneumatic Supply 0.5-0.6MPa
Wire Range AWG16-28
Cutting Length 25-100000mm
Stripping Length 0.5-11 mm
Measurement 1250X750X1650mm
Weight 500kg
Function Wire Cutting, Wire Stripping(single or both ends),
Semi-stripping, Crimping(single or both ends)


Terminal & Splice Crimping in the same machine

Currently, the world's only fully automatic crimping machine can combine Terminal & Splice Crimping on both end of the wire.

Splice + Terminal; Splice + Splice ; Terminal + Terminal

Main Parts From Japan

Using servo motor from Panasonic, controller and sensor from Omron.

High precision for wire cutting, peeling, crimping height control.

Servo Motor Driver

The combination of linear guide & bearing for X & Y axis, higher accuracy and stability.

Servo motor control the cutting and peeling program from left to right only, simplify the structure and improve the accuracy.

Automatic Fault Diagnosis

The fault content and method of eliminating will display on the panel in red color.

Laser Sensor

Non-contact type

Stop the program to avoid the deformation of wire and terminals.


Wire feeder with length sensor

Release the loading for long wire(more than 600mm) process, ensure the length of the wire is accuracy and no deformation.